Implementation of the largest project in the Republic of Kazakhstan for Karabatan Utility Solutions LLP for the preparation, storage and distribution of industrial, desalinated, fire-fighting, demineralized and drinking water for the needs and requirements of consumers of the National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark in the Atyrau region (Karabatan and Tengiz sites) . The source of raw water is the main water pipeline "Astrakhan - Mangyshlak".

The following production complexes are provided for the implementation of this project:

  • The WLU building is designed to produce fire-fighting, industrial, desalinated and demineralized water from source water, which is a mixture of treated wastewater obtained at the wastewater treatment plant and river water from the Astrakhan-Mangyshlak main water conduit. The installation is located on the territory of the site
  • ZLD building - designed for deep processing of mineralized wastewater and mainly the concentrate of the first stage reverse osmosis plant, which is formed in the process of desalination of the source water, which is a mixture of treated wastewater and river water (Volga River, the source of income is the Astrakhan-Mangyshlak conduit ).
  • Buildings KOS1 and KOS2 - are designed to receive and treat industrial wastewater coming from the PGTPP LLP "KUS", IGCC LLP "KPI", installation for the production of fire-fighting, demineralized and demineralized water (item 1 according to the general plan), as well as for receiving and cleaning domestic wastewater from the SGTPP LLP "KUS", IGCC LLP "KPI" and the entire UVPiOS site.

This project is an EPC contract and includes a full cycle of implementation starting from the development of a feasibility study, design estimates, equipment supply, construction and installation works and ending with the transfer of equipment into operation to the end customer.

Within the framework of this project, I-Com Engineering LLC is a developer of basic technological solutions, a supplier of equipment, and an organization that performs installation supervision and commissioning.

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