Design of treatment facilities in the city of Tyumen

Construction/reconstruction/modernization of wastewater treatment facilities, taking into account the increase in the total capacity of facilities up to 260 thousand m3/day.

Goal: Increasing the productivity and efficiency of wastewater treatment with the achievement of acceptable quality indicators for discharge into a water body.

To achieve the quality of wastewater treatment to the specified indicators, the following treatment methods have been adopted in the project:

- mechanical cleaning on gratings, sand traps and primary clarifiers;

- biological treatment in aerotanks with the organization of the processes of nitri-denitrification and biological-chemical removal of phosphorus with sludge separation in secondary clarifiers using the technology of evacuating the liquor mixture, followed by filtration on disc filters;

- disinfection by ultraviolet irradiation.

All technological processes proposed for use in the reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities in the city of Tyumen belong to the best available technologies (BAT).

The technological scheme provided by the project provides the required degree of purification in accordance with the current legislation.

At the moment, we have passed the State Ecological Expertise, the State Expertise of Design and Estimate Documentation.

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