JSC Apatit, Cherepovets. Combined sludge accumulator of phosphogypsum.

The purpose of this work is to develop a project for the operation of the GTS complex of the integrated phosphogypsum sludge reservoir for 2021-2026. (for the initial period of the fourth stage of the merger) and the organization of 100% reservation of the supply of clarified water to the buffer pond.

To reserve the supply of clarified water, it is planned to build a backup siphon spillway, providing, if necessary, 100% replacement of the existing spillway structures of the sill type: in case of repair, extension of spillway wells or failure of existing spillway structures.

The capacity of the siphon spillway is 1.1 m3/s.

The design of the siphon spillway uses modern high-quality durable environmentally friendly materials.

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