Mining and processing complex at the Talitsky site of the Verkhnekamskoye potassium-magnesium salt deposit

The need to build facilities for the tailings of the mining and processing complex (GOK) is due to the technological process at the processing plant. Wastes from the processing plant are halite (salt) tailings and sludge.

The developed documentation provides for technical solutions for organizing a tailings facility, recycling water supply, measures to protect the environment and reduce the negative impact of the designed facilities on the adjacent territory.

The structure of the tailing facilities of the GOK includes:

Salt dump:

− bulldozer blade;

− salt dump site (located between dams);

− brine collectors;

− conveyor transport facilities;

− construction of a system of circulating brines for hydro-washing of halite (floating brine pumping stations, brine conduits).

Sludge storage:

− construction of a system of hydrotransport and storage of sludge (main and distribution slurry pipelines);

− sludge storage bowl (fenced by dams);

− construction of the brine circulation system (floating brine pumping station, brine conduits).

Environmental protection facilities:

− impervious screen;

− drainage structures (reservoir drainages, drainage drains, drainage pumping station, drainage water pipeline);

− control and measuring equipment;

− observation wells;

− upland channels.

Technical and design solutions for hydraulic structures ensure their complete sealing, which eliminates possible environmental pollution.

The composition of the tailings facilities determined by the design documentation provides the technological needs of the enterprise for 35 years of safe operation, followed by the conservation of the facilities and the reclamation of waste storage facilities.

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